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Rocky Mountain Innocence Center Documentary

December 6, 2014

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Innocence Network Releases Their 2012 Annual Report of Exonerees

December 19, 2012

“The 22 wrongful convictions detailed in the Innocence Network’s 2012 report are tragic reminders of how much work is still needed to uncover and prevent these terrible injustices.

So as you read about the tragic miscarriages of justice contained in this report, remember that in many ways those profiled are the lucky ones. For every person who walked out of prison a free individual this year, there are many more still incarcerated, hoping that 2013 will be the year they finally get the break that will prove their innocence.”

To read the Innocence Network’s 2012 Annual Report of Exonerees, click on the link below.

Innocence Network 2012 Annual Report of Exonerees


It Can Happen to Anyone, Just Ask

  • Harry Miller

    Harry Miller

    Harry Miller spent four years in prison for a robbery  he did not commit.  He was convicted in 2003 of an aggravated robbery at a convenience store in Salt Lake City.  The robbery occurred three years earlier, when Mr. Miller was […]

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  • Bruce Dallas Goodman

    Bruce Dallas Goodman

    Bruce Dallas Goodman spent 19 years in prison for a murder he did not commit. He was convicted in 1986 of murdering his girlfriend, Sherry Ann Williams, who was found raped, sodomized, beaten to death, and bound near an interstate exit […]

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  • Debra Brown

    Deb Brown

    Debra Brown spent 17 years in prison for a murder she did not commit.  She was convicted in 1995 of murdering her friend and employer, Lael Brown, who was found shot to death in his home in Logan, Utah.  In […]

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